Welcome to Your Resource Page for URI's 5th Annual Academic Summit, January 2013

Keynote 1:

Engaging Tomorrow's Learners Today: Digital Trends, Learner Preferences, and Next Steps

Dr. Julie Coiro, University of Rhode Island
Website | email: jcoiro@mail.uri.edu | Publications

Major forces of change are challenging us to consider new ways of approaching learning so that students can think critically, work collaboratively, and communicate effectively. The audience will be engaged in an interactive conversation about the qualities and needs of tomorrow’s learners, trends in evolving digital technologies, and the role that higher education might play in shaping teaching and learning in the knowledge revolution. Emerging digital practices likely to have an impact in higher education and K-12 settings will be explored with a focus on the unique characteristics of today’s students, their needs, preferences, and the challenges associated with meeting expectations for college and career readiness and lifelong learning. Frameworks be offered to help gauge your own progress in engaging tomorrow’s learners while setting realistic goals.

An opportunity for follow-up discussion and reflection in an afternoon roundtable will be guided by two questions:
(1) What are you currently doing that appears to be meeting the needs of tomorrow’s learners and why do you think this is working?
(2) How do you see your own practices in teaching and learning changing to more productively engage tomorrow’s learners?



1. What emerging practices are likely to have an impact on higher education in the next five years?


2. What are the needs and preferences of today's learners?

3. What challenges do today's learners face? What are the implications for our teaching?

Pic 2.pngImplications
    • How do we promote and support close reading, reasoning, reflection, and collaborative response?
    • How do we develop our students' capacity to innovate?
    • How do we work participatory experiences into our curricula?
    • How do we incorporate URI's goals into our interactions with students?

#4. What steps can we take to support today's learners in the Era of Life-Long Learning?